Saurus Productions

Bambosher: Bring Down the Bullies

Save the school ... one bully at a time.

Bambosher LogoBambosher is an endless 2D running game in a chalkboard setting. The name Bambosher is derived from the rarely used term “bambosh”, which means deceptive nonsense. The school has been taken over by bullies Sally, Bruno and Maxo, and it’s up to you to help our hero, Winston, come to the rescue and get rid of the bambosh!

Be the school's hero!

Kick down locker doors and tackle bushes in the yard to save kids that have been bullied.

Stand up to evil bullies!

Watch out when the school’s bullies — Sally, Bruno and Maxo, try to defend their turf. It’s your job to put an end to their mischief.

Experience super-fun animations!

Perform exciting jumps, slides and flips. Watch the rescued kids waving thanks as you persevere.   See coins disappear in a puff of chalk dust as you collect them.

Hear cool sound effects!

Kick a door open with a bam, blow out a spitball with a pfft and have it squish when it hits. Yell “ouch” when you collide with something in your way.

Earn lots of upgrades!

Collect coins as you play and use them to upgrade your health, spitball power, lung capacity — and more, to achieve better scores.

Unlock awesome costumes!

Aside from the normal schoolboy attire, snazzy armor, cyborg and superhero costumes are also available to unlock.