About Us

Saurus Productions is a small game development company founded in 2013 in Northern Virginia. Our mascot and namesake is Saurus – a creative and friendly green dinosaur.

Saurus can be seen in the image below steadfastly answering fan questions such as “What is your favorite color?” (Ans.: green), “What was your favorite toy when you were growing up?“ (Ans.: Legos), and “Who is that scary looking lizard in the picture on the wall behind you?” (Ans.: Umm…).

Some say that Saurus bares a slight resemblance to our human founder, Yaron Walfish, while others insist that they are one and the same.

At age 2, Yaron began building imaginative worlds out of Duplos. He eventually developed a deep love of airplanes and thought he might one day want to fly them. But using flight simulators on his home computer steered him onto a new path and opened the door to interactive software and game development. To Yaron, game development is an opportunity to bring together several subjects he’s interested in: software development, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, physics, and humor. Saurus Productions is the culmination of Yaron’s creativity and passion for games.

Our first game is called Bambosher and you can learn much more about it by visiting its home page.

Official Company Poem

Welcome to Saurus Productions,
Founded by Saurus the CEO,
Creature Exuding Originality,
Who knows which gaming options
To keep and which to throw.

At Saurus Productions
Creativity and fun
Are what we aim to infuse,
Into Bambosher,
Or any other game we hope you’ll use.

When Saurus noticed a market shortage
Of chalkboard themed games,
He got right to work
And out Bambosher came.

It took planning, programming and design,
Whenever Saurus could find the time,
To have meetings and get it done,
And now that it is, we wish you lots of fun!