Press Kit

Q & A

What’s Saurus Productions?
Yaron: Saurus Productions is a small mobile game development company started by me, Yaron Walfish. Our aim is to create games infused with humor and creativity.

What’s Bambosher?
Yaron: Bambosher is Saurus Production’s first game. It’s a 2D endless running game about defeating bullies and rescuing school kids.

What’s it like to play?
Yaron: You are a boy named Winston who is running in school trying to rescue school-kids who were stuffed in lockers, cabinets, and bushes, by bullies. While running, you have to avoid obstacles such as desks, cats, balloons, tree branches… Yes, it’s quite a random bunch of stuff. And every once in a while, a bully will come at you and try to knock you down and you must avoid that. You also have spitball shooter to help you clear the way ahead.

Where did the idea for Bambosher come from?
Yaron: One day I was playing a game with a sketch/doodle style and thought there should be games featuring other interesting drawing media, including chalk. Chalk led me to think of school, since it was at the forefront of teaching technology back when I went. Now that I had the game’s style and setting, I thought I should next come up with the game’s antagonists. I remembered that bullying was a problem at my elementary school, and therefore decided to make Bambosher about defeating bullies in school.

What does the name Bambosher mean?
Yaron: The name Bambosher was derived from the archaic word “bambosh”, which means deceptive nonsense. I like to think of a “bambosher” as someone who gets rid of deceptive nonsense.

Why create games?
Yaron: I feel that video game development gives me the opportunity to bring together several subjects I’m interested in: software development, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, physics, and humor.

Who is Saurus?
Yaron: There are some who say that Saurus is me… if I were a green cartoon dinosaur.